07 February 2008

Looking on the bright side

First, since the so-called experts recommend waiting until your toddler is at an "amiable" or "agreeable" stage of development before potty training, I guess we can in good conscience put off serious efforts on that front with Boy2 till after the baby is born.


Second, the "awwww" moment of the day. Since it was a (relatively) warm day hereabouts, and we were going crazy inside, and naps didn't happen, I mustered my increasingly considerable self and got us all booted, mittened, hatted, etc., and we headed out.

Drumroll, please...Boy1 offered Boy2 a lick of his prized icicle, and they proceeded to spend the next 5 minutes trading licks, smiling at each other, and talking nicely to each other.

Yeah, that's it. That's the whole story. Might not seem like much to those of you whose kids haven't spent the last 2 weeks finding ever-more-devious ways to antagonize each other. But it moved me almost to tears this afternoon. ('Course, that's easier nowadays...even a Hallmark card might do it, bah. Sappy sentimentalism + crazy hormones = ridiculous emotionalism.)

Well. And I hope that those of you reading this have had bright spots in your day as well. Or better yet, an entirely sunshine-flooded week :)


Mrs. Maschke said...

That is a wonderfully happy story of sharing. did it end well, or did one boy push the other away?

Maybe I find it so wonderful because I, too, and dealing with pregnancy emotions...mine are just starting; I get to look forward to random emotional moments until October!

Reb. Mary said...

Congratulations!!! Wonderful news :) Hopefully you're feeling well (besides a few excess emotions)?

And yes, they got along well after that...till we got back inside. But we won't go there now.

Gauntlets said...

Hey, good work getting out in the snow. Wow. We LOOKED at the snow. We TALKED about the snow. We COMPLAINED about how the sun glinted off the snow and glared into our eyes . . .


But for all that, I like it when babies share. They really do like each other, deep down, these siblings.


Mrs. Maschke said...

I just wish I could look at snow. Some days I really dislike the "wonderful" California sunshine. Other days, I really dislike California in general, but that is another story.

I'm doing well; my only real symptom is the glorious emotions, and the headaches from lack of coffee. Hopefully morning sickness doesn't rear its ugly head. Time will tell

Rebekah said...

When they're good, they are very, very good. :)