08 February 2008

The inevitable

One of those "Life Quotes" from LFL that I ran across again today:

"I am one woman who is ready to say that raising children is a good and socially constructive thing to do. Having more than one or two children can be a lot of fun. And it is for certain that raising a large family to productive adulthood will use all the gifts of even the most gifted woman. Having a family is a worthy life endeavor, deserving the educated woman's most serious consideration." (Jennifer Roback Morse)

Well, if the CSPP life holds enough to "use all the gifts of even the most gifted woman," then surely the less-gifted likes of me shouldn't have to worry about being bored in this domestic sphere, ha ha.

I do wonder, however, whether some of the higher brain functions have to be put off till a bit later in the game. (By which point, have they all turned to mush?) On the one hand, it does take a remarkable amount of creativity to stay a few steps ahead of a 3-yr. old. Yet one can only have so much discussion of theology, astrophysics, etc., with the illiterate and half-civilized under-4 set before the conversation inevitably turns to, or is interrupted by, poop.

But it's nice occasionally to hear from someone who doesn't think it's totally insane and brainless to trade the diplomas for diapers.


Rebekah said...

Puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Astrophysics--vanity. Poop, though; that's real life. Nice words from LFL.

Kelly said...

How appropriate given that this past week I broke the news to the bosses and informed them that I would not be back after baby is born. It hit me harder than I thought it would, so encouragement like this is nice to hear.

Reb. Mary said...

Kelly--It's a courageous decision! Hope they don't give you too much trouble over it at work.