27 February 2008

Contrary to popular belief, you are in control of your emotions

(With, of course, certain exception clauses and special dispensations for the hormonal havoc of the pregnancy and postpartum eras. Ahem.)

I can't remember if this is something I read somewhere or whether it was the advice of a wise friend (or both), but here it is, one of those obvious things that I'm always forgetting:

A universal truth of motherhood, especially for those who are managing small children while pregnant or who have an infant in the house: You Will Be Tired. But it's up to you whether you will be tired and angry, or just tired. Or maybe even, with a little extra infusion of grace, tired and joyful.

Just my little "note to self" of the day :O

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Rebekah said...

Bah. Were you spying on me yesterday? :P