13 March 2012

Everybody else, too

Once I was outside in the cold with two little people hurrying as well as I could toward our house, and I ran into a crazy person, Wanda. Wanda started talking, and she kept it up. She had so much to tell me! And after that, she had other things to tell me. Which reminded her of another thing she wanted to tell me!

I was cold. The babies were cold. Surely, Wanda was cold! But there were so many things to tell me.

As I pondered all this coldness and all these things which I was being told, a thought flashed in my mind: God made Wanda. He made her and he loves her. He loves it that she's crazy and has a million things to tell someone with two babies on the sidewalk on a cold day. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to hug Wanda because God made her and loves her. It was so great, and also so cold.

(Her name wasn't really Wanda, but I get distracted by quotation marks and asterisks and stuff.)

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for this reminder. I am surrounded by lots of Wandas here where God has placed me. Or perhaps I should have said, God has blessed me with lots of Wandas here.