26 December 2011

Meditations upon Boxing Day

--I didn't win a Nook from Lulu. Hard to believe, I know. Other things I have recently not won include a gift card from a grocery chain for all the surveys I fill out for them, and a Father of the Year award for my husband from a local electric coop. Jerks. Anyway, Lulu told me I could still have a Nook if I sold more of something than anybody today. Seriously, I'm supposed to compete with Wil Wheaton? Bump it.

--You know you've arrived when you have to do laundry on Christmas on a non-emergency basis.

--Did anybody else see that bulletin cover? Ha ha ha ha ha.

--Best Christmas movie ever is A Muppet Christmas Carol.

--What is the deal with "I Saw Three Ships"? Is this another one of those weird British nationalist things?

--What is everybody else doing about the loot/space discrepancy with greed and sloth skewing the data?


Gauntlets said...

Plenty of greed, but we're low on sloth. Rather, we are energetically consuming our space, and with a Cool Whip topping. I expect the expectoration to begin any moment. Then will come the sloth. Then, January.

Plus, after careful thought I think I can say with confidence that having to do the laundry on Christmas inspired "I Saw Three Ships". Now you know.

Melrose said...

I waited til the kids went to bed then loaded up the entire back of my van with the objects of their greed (no, not new ones, I'm not THAT mean) and deposited them at the nearest thrift store the next morning. But then, mine are still young and don't notice as much when half of their playroom disappears :D

Kristi said...

Yes, I noticed the bulletin cover. Love, love, loved it.