24 November 2009

Humph day

The nursling is eight months old this week, which means in about eight months I could (DV) be pregnant again!

It's good to have a system.

The commissariat is growing less stubborn, perhaps.
Though it still enjoys a good spit.


Marie said...

Eight more months til you're pregnant??? Wow, that would mean children are spaced about 25 months apart??? Thanks probably really long spacing for some of the ladies here=)

MooreMama said...

Careful, friend. Isn't it posts like this that get people all spun up?

re: the camel - can I bribe you with llamas to come visit meeee? Like in MAY?!?

Theophil Jones said...

Yes, but do you have a hat from which the rays of the sun are reflected in more-than-oriental splendor?

Melrose said...

Be careful, bodies can have a funny way of becoming more efficient at this reproduction business. :)

I shaved 9 months off of my in-between time this last go round...which means...I could be pregnant AGAIN by this time next year (saying this while sitting here ready to pop).

ohhhh, I need chocolate now.. or coffee.. or something (guess the alcohol has to wait ;)

Anonymous said...

Ladies, a little wisdom I have gleaned from my years of being blessed with babies. 13 living children and at least 5 miscarriages. My children were all more or less 24 months apart - a few times 20 months and a few times a little more than 24 months but an average of 24 months. I was totally nursing, no bottles, no pacifiers,and usually no solid foods until after 12 months... and I too thought I had a system figured out. It seemed I was becoming efficient at this - seemed like clockwork... But between the last two children there were 4 yrs. and 2 1/2 months...... and now no more babies and it has been 7 yrs. and 4 months. I have changed NOTHING (to encourage or prevent) in my life over ALL the years of child bearing. It took me 13 babies to figure out I don't have a system but God has ...... He has a plan. He is in charge of when He will send a baby. I have learned DON"T EVER TAKE IT FOR GRANTED that there will be another blessing. The womb can be opened and it can be closed. This blessing of bearing children too will end..... trust God He has the perfect plan. Enjoy each day as it comes and each baby as a blessing from Him. Debbie S

Deacon Latif Haki Gaba, SSP said...

That's a beautiful comment, Debbie.