24 August 2009

Homeschooling 002

I could lament the fact that the housekeeping (such as it was) is going to take another hit as this Grand Experiment continues.

Instead, I think I’ll rejoice in another excuse to ignore the mess.

(Yes, of course we include chores as part of our day. These 5-, 3-, and 1- year-old boys do their chores with an enthusiasm that generally results in more work for Mom :P)

Ants in the kitchen?
That's not a cleaning problem;
it's a science project!


Rebekah said...


Gauntlets said...

This is great. :D

lisa said...

haha - this reminds me of trying to wash the "handwash" clothes outside by the line today with our 2yr old. Sheesh. "No honey - that's the soapy water." "No honey - that's already clean!" "No! No! No! get your foot out of the tub." Sploosh! :) Sigh.
Somebody - tell me mentoring chores is worth it ;) please. :)

Sir Cuthbert said...

Lisa: Yes, it's worth it. Thanks to my mother making my brothers and me do chores, I can cook, clean, and sew better than most girls. Not that that's a big accomplishment these days. In defense of my manhood, I hasten to add that I can also shoot, fight, and fix things better than most guys. Not that that's a big accomplishment these days either.

Rebekah said...

Lisa, it is worth it, but the more complicated ones are not always worth it with 2-yr-olds. ;)

Reb. Mary said...

Lisa, I'd laugh, but...you know: too familiar :)

Sir Cuthbert: What's your hourly rate? There's a backlog in my mending basket :)

lisa said...

You know, the 2yr old is rather precocious, so I try to throw as much at her as I can - she surprises me. She really likes the water though. REALLY likes it. I should bathe her more :)
(ha ha - kidding..... :O)

Sir Cuthbert,
That's awesome! I keep thinking I better learn to sew so I can teach my kids :)
Some day...
I think in-between fixing things and sewing both of the sexes have diminished in the passing years. We need to bring back hand-to-hand combat. Nothing like swords to get me to steer clear and mind my place!

lisa said...

Or maybe bring back boxing? I've never liked it, but having a boy does make me pray he learns to fist fight and not get a gun drawn on him by some kid whose parents let him be reared by XBOX.