20 February 2009

Opera for your Friday

German and English from here. Sorry for the French subtitles, but this is the best one and you deserve the best.

Klinget, Glökkchen, klinget! Bringt mein Weibchen her,
Bringt sie her! Mein Mädchen her! Mein Weibchen her!

Ring, little bells, ring! Bring my little wife here,
Bring her here! My maiden here, my little wife here!

3 Spirits
Nun, Papageno, sich dich um!
Now, Papageno, look around you!

Papageno und Papagena
Pa-pa-pa, pa-pa-pa-Papageno/Pa-pa-pa-, pa-pa-pa,-Papagena

Bist du mir nun ganz ergeben,
Have you now yielded to me?

Nun bin ich dir ganz ergeben.
Now I have yielded to you.

Nun, so sei mein liebes Weibchen!
Now, then be my dear little wife!

Nun, so sei mein Herzenstäubchen,
Now, then be the dove of my heart,

Mein liebes Weibchen, mein Herzenstäubchen,
My dear little wife, dove of my heart!

Welche Freude wird das sein, Wenn die Gotter uns bedenken
Unsrer Liebe Kinder schenken So liebe kleine Kinderlein, Kinderlein
So liebe kleine Kinderlein.
Erst einen kleinen Papageno
Dann eine kleine Papagena,
Dann wieder einen Papageno
Dann wieder eine Papagena,
Papageno, Papagena, Papageno, Papageno, Papagena, Papageno
Es ist das hochste der Gefuehle,
Wenn viele, vie der pa-pa-pageno(a) Der Eltern Sorgen werden sein.

What joy that will be if the gods think of us, And give us children of our love
Such dear little children, little children, Such dear little children.
First a little Papageno,
Then a little Papagena,
Then again a Papageno,
Then again a Papagena
It is the highest of feelings, if many [of them] to Papageno(a) will be In the care of their parents.


Joy said...

Show off!

Rebekah said...

Hey, I didn't sing it or translate it.

Gauntlets said...

But you should sing it. Why not?

The small people love this one. I prefer the Vengeance Aria. ;)

Reb. Mary said...

Splendiforous feathers! I need some.