21 July 2008


Am I just wasting my time with all this frantic sanitizing. laundering, and please-keep-your-hands-off-the-baby-ing? Is it pretty much just the Way Things Are that when one gets sick, they're/we're all going down?

It's like a game of slow-motion, diabolical dominoes...just holding my breath and waiting to watch the next one fall. This is one of the things that frightens me most when I foolishly attempt to peer into my future: an endless succession of runny noses, sleepless nights, and ER visits, with the last kid recovering from one illness just in time for the first to move on to the next ailment. [Cue: This is where all you moms with more kids write in to reassure me that really it's not so bad :) ]

Back to wiping noses...But hey, no one's throwing up! This is no small mercy, and I do not take it for granted!


Gauntlets said...

Oh, dear. So sorry to hear the little buggers are sick! And good point about the diabolical dominoes. You're right; that is exactly what it's like.

Hannah J said...

I hate to sound callous here, but microbiologically/immunologically speaking, it's better for young children to be exposed to as many germs as possible, within reason. Eating bits of dirt with regularity can be beneficial. The kids will grow out of it in a few years.

But that doesn't speak for the present. I empathize.

Susan said...

Cue taken:
"Really, it's not so bad!"

But, really, now, I agree with Hannah. I learned that kids who are quite healthy when they're young can then go out into the world as grown-ups and get all sorts of things that they haven't built up an immunity too. If it helps any, just think about the days-off-work that your kids WON'T be taking 20 years down the line because of what you're doing now.

(Shoot. That didn't make it any easier, did it?)

Reb. Mary said...

The good news: I'm a supermom! I make sure my kids get their daily serving of dirt :)

Rebekah said...

Dominoes. Yes. Sob. The cough that makes your heart pound in the middle of the night, because it's a new one. :(