13 June 2008

The Sticker Club

Welcome to the STICKER CLUB! Please send one packet of stickers to the person listed in the #1 spot below. Move my name to the first spot & put your name in the 2nd spot. Then, send this letter to six of your friends.

If you cannot do this within six days, please let my mom know because it is not fair to the kids who have participated so far. (emphasis added) Within 2 weeks, you should have received 36 packets of stickers!! (sic) It's lot of fun & exciting to see where your stickers come from and it is always nice to get mail.

Good luck and Thank You (sic) for participating in the Sticker Club!

P.S. Parents, please take the time for this cute project. It is worth it to see the smile on your child's face when they (sic) open "their (sic) mail". (sic) To make this easier, we have included a blank letter for you to photocopy. Run 12 copies of the enclosed blank letter before you write on it. Then mail it to six of your child's friends &/or relatives. Make sure to include one blank one for them to copy & send to their friends.

Friends, WHY?!?!?!?!?! I bear no grudge against the dutiful mother who sent this to me; as you can see, her conscience was shamelessly bound. But: it ends here! With liberty and justice for all!

I will purchase one packet of stickers to mail to dear little H----- in N--------- whose name is in the number one spot. I will purchase six packets of stickers, put them in six stamped envelopes, and address them in various disguised handwritings to dear little A------- in H----- whose name is in the number two spot. I will take them with me on our trip to CCA. When I run into you at the Augsburger Barbecue, I will give you one to take back to your own exotic locale for postmarking to comply with the geographic provision in the last sentence of the second paragraph.

I will put an end to this madness, and you will help me.


Reb. Mary said...

Ok, you're making me feel guilty and angry all over again for that little chain-book letter I, um, ignored a few months back...

Rebekah said...

BOOKS? And here I thought demanding stickers from other people was obnoxious . . . .

Gauntlets said...

We got the sticker chain thing. I ripped the letter to tiny pieces during one of my Dark Closet Times.

Cute project my bleeeep.

We also got a "do something nice" chain letter awhile back. We broke that one, too, and wouldn't you know I don't feel a bit badly about it. Huh.