10 February 2008

You know you're CSPP when

you fantasize about having your last kid turn 2 before your next one is born.

Long days, these.


Gauntlets said...

I smirk with understanding in your general direction.

But only a bit of understanding, what with not really understanding and all.

Reb. Mary said...

But thinking of y'all gives me hope that I may survive 3, since y'all have been there, done that.
But 3 probably sounds laughably manageable to Rebekah right about now...the good ol' days, though you wouldn't trade New Guy for anything, I know. (Well, unless it would be a full night's sleep?)
Don't you wish you could timewarp that helpful retrospective perspective up to the present? I mean, I thought life with one was hard. Now I think life with two is hard, and that once-seemingly hard life with one glows positively rosy. And doubtless when #3 arrives I'll wonder what I thought was so hard about 2. And so forth...Too bad I can't just think that since when/if there are five, the days of three will seem like such a breeze, that they would seem easy at the moment.
I have this feeling that I'm not making any sense to anyone except myself, and even dubiously so there, and should just stop typing now. Oh well.
Is there ever a point, I wonder, where adding the next one just doesn't seem like a big deal? I mean if you're not on any major medications, ha ha?

Reb. Mary said...

Don't get me wrong, though; as previous discussions on this blog have mentioned, this CSPP thing does in a weird way get easier too. (Though perhaps not in the time interval immediately following each new addition!)
Wouldn't go back to just one for anything.

Gauntlets said...

As I wise woman I know once said, "Once you have three you might as well have 20."

So. There's that.

I'm actually looking forward to four, DV. Odd numbers may be better for decorating, but evens ensure no one gets left out of a game and I get left to my favorite task of eating bon-bons on the couch.

Rebekah said...

I think two was the worst. Once you have one who isn't so primitive any more, who can put the silverware away and dress himself and let you lie down on the couch without climbing on you, things get a lot easier. Our #3 loves to run with the older two and is therefore much less labor intensive than they were at her age. They really keep each other busy.

I was wondering if adding one would start getting easier. So far my answer is, sort of. This is largely due to a much easier physical recovery and nursing launch (no idea why, but thank God)--amazing how much this affects your emotional stability. But there are still those times when I can't dodge that desperate, panicky feeling that I can't keep this up. They're so darn HUNGRY. ALL THE TIME.