15 February 2008

A Monkey Slumber Party

is what the boys' room sounded like for an hour and a half after lights-out last night. It was their first night sharing a room. At least they were happy monkeys, and we didn't have to go in at all; they eventually fell asleep, with no one getting hurt, even. Probably helps that one of them is still caged, er, cribbed.

At 6 am, they picked up right where they had left off. Want to hear a good joke? "POOP!!!" [hysterical laughter] "PEE!!!" [gut-busting giggles]. And it was the almost-2 yr. old telling the "joke." Is this body function humor a boy thing, or just a toddler/preschooler thing? And how do they know (or perhaps I should say, why do they think) that it's funny?


Rebekah said...

Our kids don't do this so far, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I haven't done such a good job of concealing my feelings about the real thing.

Athritis Amazons said...

Maybe we should run an experiment. Your two boys have run the control. "POOP!" and "PEE!" are funny to the two boys. Let's toss in my token girl and see how the dynamics change. Though after further consideration, maybe this is something better left out of my house:) Though I guess there's never any guarantee of that either.
She still thinks the real thing is yucky, but maybe some humor would encourage her to use her potty.

Gauntlets said...

Our girl is far too scandalized by the necessity of such things to find them funny. Our boy, however, would probably love to share with yourn in the joke.

Boys are such creeps. ;)