23 February 2008

Little pitchers have long memories

We were talking with the babies at supper last night about the names of the Sundays remaining in Lent. Oculi, fine. Laetare, fine. Judica. Five year old says, "I remember Judica." Dad: "You do?" 5: "Yes." Dad: "What happens on Judica?" 5: "The people were talking to Jesus, and then he went away, and then you cover up the big picture."

It is as it was. The reredos in our church has a large painting of Jesus on it, which Dad and the server pull a black shade over at the conclusion of the Gospel lesson on Judica. This has received no discussion to our recollection since Judica last. Friends, they listen.


Rosie said...

That's one smart 5 year old. She pays better attention than I do!

Rebekah said...

Don't be too impressed; she couldn't remember a blessed thing about Easter Vigil--not even the first class brass section! (In her defense, that one doesn't even start until after bedtime.)