25 February 2008

Balaam's Ass for Modern Preachers?

We all know the Biblical account....Could preachers today hope to discern God's direction by mounting descendents of Balaam's beast?

Obviously, such is not an endeavor to be undertaken without grave consideration. After all, Lutherans have a long and sometimes sordid history with the species in question. Consider:

(For those of you who can't quite place this, it's Cranach's "Pope-Ass" from the Luther-Melanchthon pamphlet, "Of Two Wonderful Popish Monsters.")

Oh dear. And yet, for the sake of the Gospel, or at least fundraising for a Lutheran high school, pastors from circuits hereabouts were willing to saddle up and play a little Donkey Basketball:

(Unfortunately, due to flash photography and child management issues, clearer photos could not be obtained. Thanks to arthritis amazons for managing to snap these. Lack of sufficient photo evidence nonwithstanding, rest assured that the entire event was nothing short of hilarious.)

Seems to me there's potential for another caption contest here, or at least for a few impertinent remarks...

P.S. My rodeo-ready husband would like me to add that he and his trusty steed "The Enforcer," aka "Leo," scored two baskets.


Anonymous said...

Reb Mary, sorry I didn't get closer pictures of your hubby. I was hoping my trust assistant snapped some as I had the other two cameras. I did just try to post a great close picture of Leo and his master, but it's not working.

Rebekah said...

Did Cranach know what an ass looked like? That thing seems to be some sort of griffin/chameleopard/harlot hybrid. And why did pamphlets ever fall out of Lutheran usage? Obviously we need a LOT more of this kind of thing.

One of our reverend professors in college liked telling a story about playing donkey baseball for some sort of ministry purpose, which had once induced someone to shout at him, "Hey pastor, get your ass off first base!"

Was the fundraising for a new gym floor?

Reb. Mary said...

Amazons, I'm amazed you could snap any shots amid the chaos. Pictures can't really do the event justice anyhow.

Rebekah, I think you should organize a pamphlet contest. Just think of the possibilities...

And apparently the donkeys wear special shoes to protect the gym floor. I wish they would've worn hightops. Swoosh.

Quite a few people were willing to fork over cold cash for the opportunity to tell their pastors to get their asses moving. The gym was packed.

Gauntlets said...

Now it's official: The Pope scares me. I had no idea that's what he was hiding under all that fancy dress.